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I claim copyright to all original text materials used on this Website, including the text reconstruction of the Ramey message.  I also claim copyright on all graphics images of my own making used in support of this reconstruction.  Since this is a work in progress, I also claim copyright to possible future modifications of text and supporting graphics on the Ramey message.

The primary purpose of this Website is educational. You may obtain a one-time, limited reuse permit for specified copyrighted materials if your  purpose is also educational and not for commercial gain.  Separate arrangements will need to be made for major media outlets such as newspapers, periodicals, radio/TV stations or networks, movie or video production companies, book publishers, etc.  Payment of fees for reproduction rights may be required, particularly for commercial enterprises..

Univ. of Texas at Arlington Libraries "Roswell" Collection Copyright

UTA Libraries currently claims copyright to at least seven photos in their 1947 "Roswell" archive portion of their Fort Worth Star-Telegram photographic collection. This includes the photo with Gen. Ramey holding the readable message in his hand. Enlargements of the Ramey message are also available.

Rights to reproduce these photos must be negotiated with UTA.  Contact:

Special Collections Division
The University of Texas at Arlington Libraries
Box 1497
Arlington, Texas  76019-0497
(817)272-3393 FAX (817)-272-3360

See also:  for more information on the Fort Worth Star-Telegram photos in the libraries Special Collections Division

UTA publication fees range from $25 to $50 per image for printed media and $25 to $100 for video and film according to my last information.

Print reproduction varies from $10 for 5"x 7" glossy prints to $24 for 16" x 20" prints.

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Full copyright for non-original text and photos reproduced on this Website, such as 1947 newspaper articles and photos, may be claimed by others.  These materials are being used here based on my understanding of the Fair Use doctrine of copyright law, which allows restricted reproduction of copyrighted material for nonprofit, educational purposes with credit being given to the original source.

Issues regarding use of my copyrighted materials are negotiable.  Individuals or institutions with strictly educational and not commercial aims will generally be granted reproduction rights free of charge.  Commercial enterprises should expect to pay reproduction fees.

I would like to hear from people who might catch serious (though unintentional on my part) factual mistakes on the Website.  I will endeavor to quickly rectify them. However, I will not respond to quibbles over interpretation.  I will, however, as time permits, try to respond to constructive criticism, such as items you think might require further clarification or documentation.

I would further like to hear from people who might have serious information to impart regarding Roswell, such as family members of base personnel or residents of the area.  Please no hoaxers, debunkers or crazies.
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