Nellis Range UFO Photo Gallery
Smaller full-screen captures showing overlayed radar tracking data: Azimuth (AZ), Elevation (EL), and Range (RNG) at top, and Time Stamp (in Greenwich Mean Time -- subtract 8 hours for local time) and radar/camera site location (S-30) at bottom left.  Radar return is horizontal line towards bottom, showing object "blip".   Left picture has  inverted luminance.

Seven seconds have elapsed between the two photos, but the range remains a steady 9135 meters (5.7 miles).  In that time the object has circled 10 degrees to the right, or 1.0 mile, and gained 3 degrees of altitude (0.3 miles or 1600 feet).  The object isn't streamlined, yet traveling at jet airliner speeds of over 500 mph. It is also climbing in altitude during this period at about 2-1/2 miles per minute.

In left picture, from a segment stablized by a Sightings' TV program analyst, there appears to be a spherical "bubble" around the object, which I initially thought to be highly significant concerning its propulsion system.  However, the Sightings' analyst recently contacted me and said it was an artifact of how he stablized the image and blended in a new background.

In right picture, Note how three of the lobes seem to glow, and there is a mysterious dark protrusion or lobe at the top, also visible in some of the smaller pictures above.
This is a larger version of the stablized and inverted full-screen capture at the above left.  Again we can see the "bubble" surrounding the object, but it is just an artifact.

Ten seconds have elapsed between this picture, and the one directly above.  Again, the range holds rock-steady at 9135 meters as the azimuth and elevation change.  This object is circling the radar in an intelligently controlled manner. During these 10 seconds the object has shifted 13 degrees in azimuth (1.3 miles) and 5 degrees in elevations (0.5 miles).  Again the average speed is over 500 miles per hour during this period.  No conventional flying craft lacking streamlining could travel this fast.
A large full-screen capture, again showing the self-luminous glow of the spherical lobes of the object.  A dark spot can be seen at the center, sometimes seen as a dark protrusion or lobe at other angles.  Glow underneath could be an ionization plume -- or maybe it's just lens glare or a streak cause by video camera image latency..
Various views of the UFO.  Note multiple glowing side lobes and dark center or protrusion.  Last picture is luminance inverted.  The object was determined to be about 16 feet across. There is no visible conventional propulsion system and the shape fits no known profile of any conven- tional craft. If anything, the object seemed to shift in shape as it rotated.