Notes added for readers:  The purpose of the graphic below is to give readers an idea of the overall layout of the Ramey memo.  This has been updated in 2009 from a previous version that used lower resolution scans.  This version was created from full 600-1200 dpi scans of ~18x print blowups, then reduced 50% to better fit on this page. (Full width of image is 1250 pixels, reduced below to 1024 to accommodate most computer screens.  You can download image to view at full 1250 pixel width.) This is about double the resolution over the older version (but only half of the maximum resolution).  To deceive people about readability of the memo, debunkers have typically linked only to the previous much lower-resolution scan of the Ramey message, ignoring the much better high-resolution scans on my website.  Check out for links to the higher-res scans and graphics.  The stamps at the top have had geometric corrections added to remove most of the severe perspective distortion caused by page tilt and paper curvature.  There is a large scratch on the negative running through the center of the "ROSWELL" stamp, and damaging the letters there.  There is other apparent lettering at the top of the page, just left of center, and also below and to the right of the "ROSWELL" stamp, which I cannot read.  The left center top of the page is severely curved and tilted almost directly away from the camera, in addition to being in heavy shadow, which would make anything that might be there essentially invisible, including a possible security stamp.  Thus absence of any indicated security stamp at the top does not mean or somehow prove one isn't there. There is also some sort of lettering at the bottom left of the page below the last line of the message, which I interpret to be a faint TOP SECRET security stamp.  This is also in an area of strong paper curvature and shadow, making its presence ambiguous and difficult to prove.  There may also be another faint stamp, possibly a "COPY" stamp, running diagonally across the left bottom line of the message, adding to difficulties to reading the last line of the message, in addition to the shadow and paper curvature.