The following animation shows the trajectory of the Nellis S-30 UFO from the perspective of the UFO, run at 4 times actual speed.  This gives a good overview of the various pecularities of this UFO.  Blue dots show the trajectory, each dot separated by 2 seconds of time.  The ground trajectory is shown by the shadows of the dots cast undernearth  Where the dots are bunched together, the UFO is traveling at lower speeds.  Big gaps between  dots indicate high speeds and usually large accelerations  Calculated velocity, distance, and altitude (above ground level) data is overlaid along with an abridged transcript of Nellis Range operator comments.

Besides trajectory information, I have tried to simulate the constantly changing appearance of this craft during its flight, starting with it being dark on the bottom at the beginning to suddenly "sprouting" bright white side-lobes (note big jump in speed at this point followed by a steep climb).  The usually blackened lobe also shifts in appearance, particularly later in flight.  Observed rotation in flight is likewise simulated.  For clarity, the UFO has been enlarged in size by about 15 times.  At actual scale, it would be slightly smaller than the blue dots.

Based on data from USGS maps, I have also tried to recreate the topography of the S-30 region in simplified form.  The light-colored, circular areas represent dry lake beds. The large yellow dome is the location of the S-30 camera and radar near the base of the mountains.  Red and green lines running through it represent N/S and E/W axes respectively.  Smaller green domes represent other observation sites.  Red bullseyes and rectangular areas are practice targets used for training pilots.  A gray rectangular area that the UFO flights just to the right of is a landing strip. Vertical purple lines are radio towers. 

Animation is in Quicktime MOV format and you will need an Apple Quicktime plug-in to view.  (Animation generated by POVWin ray-tracing program.)
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