Stephen Lovekin
Stephen Lovekin (1940-2009) is another former military person who has given testimony on crashed flying saucers and recovery of alien bodies.  Lovekin is one also one of a group of witnesses affiliated with the Disclosure Project designed to get the government to disclose further information on the UFO phenomenon.

Last updated on: April 8, 2024
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Lovekin's background

According to the Disclosure Project website (and documents recently supplied by Lovekin), Lovekin entered the Army in 1958 and joined the White House Army Signaling Agency in May 1959 as a technical specialist, serving briefly in both the Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations until August of 1961. Lovekin's homepage bio also states that he was in counterintelligence during his military service..

Part of Lovekin's testimony involves Eisenhower's concern at the government losing control over the study of UFO's, with more and more of the control falling into the hands of private corporations.  If true, this would add another aspect to his famous public warning as he was leaving office about the dangers of what he termed the "military-industrial complex."

Lovekin died in November 2009.  Another website on the Disclosure Project stated that Lovekin was a practicing attorney in North Carolina, and his homepage bio added he later served in the Army Reserves as a lawyer. The Disclosure Project said that at the time of his testimony, he was Brigadier General in the Army National Guard with the JAG division (Judge Advocate General). 

However, it has now been established that Lovekin was actually a "Brigadier General" in the North Carolina State Guard, a voluntary militia unit with no official military standing devoted to emergency preparedness, rather than the National Guard itself (although they state they might assist the National Guard in times of emergency).  Therefore the rank is appointed and Lovekin was not really a high-level military witness as the Disclosure Project claimed, despite his purported "general" rank.  

The following exerpts are primarily from Lovekin's Disclosure Project testimony, which were originally given in audio and video on their Website and can still be purchased from them.  There are also segments from a phone interview by researcher Grant Cameron, July 21, 2003.

Most of the following statements by Lovekin concernng UFOs are apparently based on briefings he said he received at the Pentagon or while working at the Com Center at the White House  However statements about viewing crash material, death threats against knowledgeable military personnel, touring the Mount Weather emergency facility, and Eisenhower's expressed concern over losing control of the situation seem to be based on personal knowledge.

Video testimony

Some of Lovekin's video testimony from Disclosure Project:  
Recovery of Alien Bodies, perhaps from Roswell crash

[During briefings at Pentagon]
He did not describe what the bodies looked like, although they did discuss the fact that there were bodies, extraterrestrial bodies, yes, there were either 3 or 5, and  they didn't even know at that point because some of the information that they had gotten apparently was incomplete     But 3 or 5 stands out in my mind as a number that were taken.  One was alive, partially alive, at the time that this happened, and I do not know what may have happened to him after that."

Metallic Beam with Symbols, perhaps from Roswell crash

[During a meeting discussing Project Blue Book materials]
"Colonel Hollobard [sp?  perhaps Hollogard or Holloberg] brought out a piece of what appeared to be metallic -- it was a metallic piece of -- it looked like a yardstick.  It had deciphering--it had encryption on it.  He did describe them as being symbols of instruction.  And that's as far as he would go.   But he did infer that the instructions, whatever they might have been, were something that was important enough for the military to keep working on on a constant basis. 

"It seemed giant-like when I saw it because it was the first time I had ever seen anything like this before.  And all eyes were just peeled on that particular thing.  And when he told us what it was, it was frightening, it was eery there.  You could have heard a pin drop in the room when it was first mentioned.

"He said it had been taken from one of the craft that had crashed in New Mexico.  It had been taken from a box of materials that the military was working on.  They didn't use the word reverse engineering at that time, but it was something similar to the reverse engineering they felt like they needed to work on and that it was going to take years to do this.

(Other eyewitness testimony on metallic and other beams with symbols from Roswell crash)

"What they were trying to say was, 'Look, we have this physical evidence to go along with what you have seen in Bluebook; we have now been able to get our hands on and show you this material' and that is what he did. He went on to further explain that this was the material that had come from a New Mexico crash in 1947 of an extraterrestrial craft and that was discussed at length."

Metallic Foil, perhaps from Roswell Crash

"This piece of an extraterrestrial craft was a grayish foil-like material...  it had been taken from one of the ET craft that had crashed in New Mexico... (Source)

Project Blue Book Photographic and Radar UFO Evidence

"We were in the basement of the Pentagon.  And in those days, that was in 1959, there was a tremendous amount of security there in the basement of the Pentagon, and anybody who has worked there knows what I am talking about.

"I learned a lot about Project Blue Book.  Blue Book was discussed quite openly in the office.  Sections of Blue Book were opened for discussion.  And then there were other matters as well  that were brought to our attention. One afternoon when  we were just about ready to finish up training, it was 3:30, maybe a quarter to four in the afternoon,  Col. Hollobard .... [discussion of metallic beam with encryptions above]"

"The findings that were put in there were highly scientific.   They were highly gone over by the people that knew what they wanted to put in there.   This information was information that would never get out to anyone else.  But it was designed for the use of particular military personnel.  What was there was extremely exact and specific.

"There were probably 1500 reported cases at that time that were eligible to be printed or put in Blue Book.    ...I would say there were probably were between two and three hundred cases of lock-on.  And that's why those cases were in there, because they were authentic.

"You saw an awful lot.  You saw a lot of little pictures.  Most of the pictures we have seen duplicates of today.  Some of the pictures that I saw were I think maybe a little bit better.  They were taken by Air Force pilots -- as well of the UFOs.  [Question:  They actually had pictures of UFOs in there...?]  Oh indeed they did!  Yes, not only the Air Force, some were taken by civilian pilots, some were taken by Marine Air Corp pilots, and some were foreign."

Eisenhower, the Military-Industrial Complex, and UFOs

"The whole process of dealing with the UFO phenomenon could not be handled anymore by one agency. And so in order to keep it alive, and I guess as cheaply as possible, it was given to various and sundry parts of the government to work on.  And I guess they thought that they could also keep the intelligence factor as secret as possible by giving agencies a little bit here and a little bit there, as that often times is done in matters like this.  

"But what happened was, Eisenhower got sold out.  Without him knowing it, he lost control of what was going on with the entire UFO situation. In his last address to the nation, I think he was telling us that the Military Industrial Complex would stick you in the back if you were not totally vigilant. And, I think that he felt like he had not been vigilant. I think he felt like he trusted too many people. And, Eisenhower was a trusting man. He was a good man. And I think that he realized that all of a sudden this matter is going into the control of corporations that could very well act to the detriment of this country.

"This frustration, from what I can remember, went on for months.  He realized that he was losing control.  He realized that the phenomenon of whatever-it-was that we were faced with was not going to be in the best hands.  And those were, as far as I can remember, that was the expression that was used.  "It's not going to be in the best hands."  That was a real concern.  And so it has turned out to be."

(Grant Cameron interview)
    Question:  And Eisenhower. You never heard Eisenhower. You just heard people talking about Eisenhower knowing about this? You were never there when Eisenhower was talking about it?
    Lovekin:  Yes I was.
    Question:  Oh you were. I didn’t know that part of the story.
    Lovekin:  Yes.  ... this was at Camp David... probably [on] a couple occasions.  ...We would sit around with him when we were at Camp David, and he knew who each and every one of us by name. That was the great thing about being under him. I was just a sergeant at the time. I was still privy to some stuff that some people wouldn’t be privy to....
    Question:  Can you tell me what the situation was? Was someone talking to him about sightings, or how did this subject come up?
    Lovekin:  Well he was waiting for a phone call on one occasion, and he started doodling. That was one of his favorites.   ...somehow or other he got to taking about UFOs in 1952 shortly before he took office  ...the sightings in Washington DC.   ...But he was talking about some other things as well. He just kind of rambled on. There wasn’t too much that was specific, but he did discuss it. It was a very very important concern of his. I think one of the things that he was concerned about was, we were going through a serious recession back then, and the government had to let go of a lot of its control to the military industrial complex. He was much concerned about that. It just wasn’t something that the government could tackle at that moment. Didn’t want to tackle I guess would be a better way of putting it. But yes, he was very much into it. He believed in them. He realized the concern. He realized the concern for the American people, and I think that he honestly wanted to do something that was positive, but somehow or other his hands were tied. I am not sure why, but I have an idea...
    Question:  Why do you think that there is a cover-up – why the President doesn’t speak out about it? Like a lot of them say that their hands are tied. What’s your gut feeling?
    Lovekin:  Well because so much of the authority was given away to private firms.
    Question:  Do you think that this was going on already in the Eisenhower administration?
    Lovekin:  Yes I do. When he said the main thing we have to fear is the military industrial complex, he wasn’t kidding, and he had the subject matter we are talking about in mind. He was quite explicit about that.

President Kennedy's UFO knowledge

(Grant Cameron interview)
Question:  Did Kennedy know what was going on?
Lovekin:  He knew what was going on.
Question:  So Kennedy knew.
Lovekin: Yes.
Question:  Even though he was a Democrat?
Lovekin: Yes.

Secrecy, Intimidation, and Death Threats

"There were strict regulations involving anything had to do with the reporting of a UFO or talking about a UFO.   If you wanted to ruin your career... it was made clear to us that if you wanted to mess up your career, the way you could do it the fastest was to talk about UFOs, that we were being groomed for Top Secret and above, and that we certainly would not be cleared for any kind of confidential material should this be released.

"It had been discussed with me on numerous occasions.  [We] talked about what could happen to me militarily and what could happen to me even if I discussed this as a civilian.  I would say that the government has done as good a job enforcing secrecy through the installation of abject fear as they have done with anything within the memory of modern man. I really believe they have done a job.

"[One older officer] discussed with me what possibly could happen should there be a revelation.  He was talking about being erased.  And I said, "Man, what do you mean erased?"  And he said, "Yes, you will be erased."  And I said, "How do you know all this, or something to that effect?  And he said, "I know."  

"He said those threats have been made and carried out.  He said those threats started way back in 1947.  The Army Air Force was given absolute control over how to handle this, this being the biggest security situation that this country has ever dealt with.  And there have been some erasures.

"I don't care what kind of a person you are. I don't care how strong or courageous you are. It would be a very fearful situation because from what Matt [this older officer],  said, 'They'll go after not only you, they'll go after your family.'  Now those were his words.  

"And, so I can only say that the reason that they have managed to keep it under wraps for so long is through fear. They are very selective about how they pull someone out to make an example of.  And I know that that has been done

"As I see it, when you propagate a lie and propagate a fear of the truth, you put yourself in a very vulnerable position.  And you can't create anything positive through fear. Fear only degenerates the human soul and the human psyche, the human mind if you will.

"All I know is that he was very convincing when he said this.  And he was in a position to know. He was much older than I.  He had been involved with the CIA and then the DIA both. [Maybe he wasn't DIA], but he was involved with the CIA.  And so he knew what he was talking about.  He wasn't just kidding

"So I guess fear has done it."

Mt. Weather Emergency Facility and UFOs (New section)

(Note:  Mt. Weather is a highly fortified, underground Presidential bunker in Virginia, about 40 miles west of Washington, completed in 1958.  It is designed to be a command center for selected White House, Congressional, and military personnel in case of all-out war, such as nuclear attack, to ensure the survival of governmental and military command.  Originally it was run by the Office of Emergency Planning, and later by FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency.)

"In this country during the early 1950s, numerous bases were built that would allow the President and Congress and VIPs to go in case of attack. That is to maintain the government to function and so forth. Mt. Weather, Virginia was one of those. Ft. Ritchie, Maryland was another. Camp David, Maryland was another. There was another one in West Virginia at that time which we only knew as Concrete. That was the code name. Mount Weather, for example, is underground. It is designed specifically to be impenetrable, as far as we knew, from atomic weaponry. 

"When I first went on tour there, I was told about special equipment that they had. We had to go through all of these places where the President would go just to familiarize ourselves on what to do and how to do it. And there was equipment there specifically set up to deal with UFOs. There was a standard operating procedure on what to do. UFOs had been sighted around Mount Weather not only on one or two occasions but on numerous occasions from what I understand."