This image was scanned at 600 dots per inch from an 8"x10" printed blow-up of the message.  Magnification on the 8x10 was approximately 20X.  The photodeveloper was instructed to overdevelop the print somewhat to bring out lighter areas in the shadows.  This was the primary image used in reading the message.

A darker print (scan not presented here) was also used to increase contrast of letters fully exposed to light.

The purpose is to present the data in its raw form and make it widely available.  People can use it to draw their own conclusion as to how readable the text is and even try their own hand at interpretation.  It is also presented to indicate that there has been no gross manipulation of the image or "sleight-of-hand" used to create something that isn't there.  Image enhancement was fairly basic, involving primarily adjustments of luminance and contrast levels.  Where perspective and paper folds had seriously compressed or rotated letters, some compensating stretching and counter-rotation was applied to make text more readable.