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"Sightings: UFOs" Transcript

Op1: "You can try to engage but--
Op2: You'll rock 'em and we'll roll 'em."

Op1: "I'm going to say it's an unknown airplane."

Op1: "T-1 over ...There's an aircraft coming inbound..."   [leaves out bearing data]

Op1:  "Ahh, we don't know what type."

Op2:  Whatever it is, you'll get it.

Con:  [Gives bearing of UFO]

Op2:  "That's strange."
Op1:  "Weird, man!"

T1: "Trying to pick up that traffic."

Op2:  Let's try it.

Op1:  "We acquired this unknown object. Aircraft of some type." [leaves out bearing data]

Op1: "We're going to put a launch up on it anyway and see what happens."

Op1: "It seems to be hovering there."

Op1: "It appears to be going outbound real slow. There's hardly any range velocity."

Op1: "I don't know if this would impact or not."

Op1: "We have impact."  [leaves out bearing data]

Op1: "We'll call this a kill on this unknown aircraft."

Op1: "T1 control doesn't know what type aircraft this is either..."

Op2: "That's weird."
Op1: "Strange."

Op2: "It's outbound?"

Op1: "Yeah, outbound.  It's moving fast."

Nellis S-13 UFO Transcripts

The following is a comparison of two different transcripts of the Nellis S-13 UFO video, one from the book "Sightings: UFOs" by Susan Michaels (from the TV program Sightings), and the other by myself.  Commonalities are in boldface and blue. Unintelligible sections are indicated by ??? and more questionable interpretations by (?).

As in the S-30 UFO transcripts, the primary thing to note is the fact that range operators, including central control and operations ("T1 Control"), had no idea what the unknown was, despite the Nellis Range being highly restricted and heavily monitored.  Note comments from the primary operators like "strange," "weird," "T1 Control doesn't know what type aircraft it is either," and "no ECM, no tactic," meaning the object lacked a military electronic signature.  There is more jargon in this audio than in the S-30 audio, including the calling out of many cryptic numbers, possibly identifiers of various stations or bearing numbers.  This was all omitted in the Sightings' transcript.

Unlike with the S-30 video, the location of station S-13 isn't known. However, as in the S-30 video, the S-13 transcripts have indications that this was indeed recorded on the Nellis Range.  "CP" is likely "CP Master," the main complex on the Tonopah Test Range (TTR). "T1 control" may refer to a main TTR communication station about 8 miles South of CP Master and 20 miles WNW of the S-30 location.  On a USGS 1988 topo map the station is identified as "C30 T1A" and has two radio towers.  The repeated calling out of "5-4" in the audio may have to do with a Site 54 on the topo maps, a major communications center consisting of several buildings and radio towers, a power substation, and its own helicopter pad.  It lies about 15 miles East of CP Master and 15 miles NNW of S-30,   Or possibly it also has to do with other locations.  E.g., the number sequence "5-4-6-1" is called out at least twice.  This also happens to be the altitude of a location called "Chuck TV" on the topo maps, about 8 miles due West of S-30's location.

Two S-13 operators, identifiable by their voices, are indicated by "Op1" and "Op2."  The controller at "T1 control" is identified as T1.   Unidentied controllers external to S-13 station are indicated by "Con."  Con1 does most of the calling out of numbers.  

Start video

"CP" probably main complex "CP Master."  "T-1" may be C30 T1A communication station.

The "5-4" often called out may be ID of Site 54, another main communications station.
May be talking about simulated attack missile launch done later in video.

Object actually moving sideways to S-13 station, "inbound" being an illusion of range indicator.

Want T1 control to confirm and ID object.

Wait S-13 while I look into this.

Maybe Nellis Range Site 54.

Internal comment.  Apparently controllers were calling around to see if other stations were picking up same aircraft activity.

Maybe Operations knows what this object is.

Bearing from different station? MSL = Altitude above Mean Sea Level.


Probably bearing data from another station.


Like in the S-30 video, experienced range operators are perplexed by what it is.

Being radioed by somebody??

Apparently wants official confirmation on object. (Said in background--almost inaudible.) 

What's happening with the activity check? (Said in background--barely audible.)

Indicated range just reached minimum and now increasing.

Computed UFO altitude is ~11,000 feet above ground level, not sea level--maybe different aircraft.  "5461" maybe ID of "Chuck TV" site 8 mi. W of S-30.

Maybe commenting that central control knew nothing and were radioing other stations, who also had nothing.

Calling station S-13.

Central control has nothing on object and nobody else does either, apparently.

We followed procedure and still came up with nothing.

Possibly data on another aircraft on Range, not the UFO.

Operator starts summarizing situation.

According to Sightings, this was a simulated, not real, launch on object and common practice.

Again possibly data on another aircraft. 

Actually moving sideways to
S-13 at 80-100 mph.

Moving sideways to radar, thus little radial or range velocity. 

Outward velocity only ~20 mph.

Simulated kill.

Object lacks standard military aircraft electronic signatures such as electronic counter- measures and tactical.

Camera switched to manual mode.

Object jumps around in image, perhaps because of switch to manual tracking.  Op2 seems to be handling camera tracking.

Op2 attempting to recenter object in camera.

Analyzed bearing data does not show big jump in speed, contrary to Op1's impression.


Camera starts spinning around looking for new target.

Camera/radar swing 360 degrees.  Reacquire radar return from original target.

End video
My Transcript

Con: "...3-4-4, but ...ahhh" (?)

T1:  "Stand by CP."

Con1: "5-4-7-4-1, 5-4-7-4-1"

Op2: "You can try and engage
them -- you know we'll rock and
we'll roll 'em."

Op1: "I'm going to say it's an
unknown airplane."

Op2: "T-1, T-1-- See if there's an aircraft, 357, to 10K, coming
inbound, about 18 degrees

Op2:  "Ahh, we don't know what
type it is."

Op2:  "And also please give it a

T1: "Stand by 1-3."

Con1:  "Target 5-4"

Op1:  "They're running an activity check."

T1:  "Want to check Operations."
[simultaneous talking]

Con1: 1-8-5 (?)-4-6, 1-0-1 ...10,000 MSL."

T1: "6-4-5-6, 6-4-5-6"

Con1: "Confirmative Val."

Con:  "Copy L-A.  90 (?) degrees, 4K"

Con: "Copy"
T1:   "Copy"

Con1: "69-5-4-9 or ... 69-5-4-9-5-1,
5-1 added, 5-1"

Op2: "Strange... weird, man."

Op2:  (Softly) "We're being tubed." (?)

Con1:  "5-4-4-3-3, 5-4-4-3-3
...7000 ??? MSL."

Op2?: "Copy and confirm." (?)

Op2?:  "Traffic alarm status?" (?)

Op2?:  "Going back out." [barely audible]

Con1: "Target 5-4-6 ...1-3,
5-4-6-1-3... 11,000 MSL."

Op1: "All they are going to give it is
a drag around the Ham."

Op2:  They're going to try to give it
another copy." (?) (barely audible)

T1:  "K-O 1-3"

Op2:  "Hello?"

T1:  "We're not picking up that

Op2: "K-O 1-3 copy all (?)."

Op2:  "We tried."

Con1:  Target 5 point 10... 5-10 ??? 5-10, 12 MSL." (?) [simulultaneous talking]

Op1: "We acquired this unknown
object, aircraft of some type, 18
degrees, 18.6 degrees elevation,
10.8 kilometers range."

Op1: "We're going to put a
launch up on it anyway and see
what happens."

Con1: "5-4-6-4-2, 5-4-6-4-2,
...10,000 MSL" (?) [simultaneous
talking with Op1]

Op1: "It seems to be hovering

Op1: "Launch up.  21.3 degrees,
18.5 degrees elevation, 10.9 K."

Op1: "Uhh, it appears to be going
outbound real slow. There's
hardly any range velocity."

Con1: "5-4-6... -6-6 (?), 5-4-6-6-6 (?) 11,000 MSL." [simultaneous talking]

Op1: "I don't know if this would
be an impact or not."

Op1: "We have impact -- 024,
18.3 degrees elevation, 11K."

Op1: "And we'll call this a kill on
this unknown aircraft."

Op1: "T1 control doesn't know
what type aircraft it is either..."

Op1: "And no ECM, no tactic."

Op2?: "That's weird. ...Not up
(??) ...Strange."

Op2: "Moving outbound?"

Op1: "Yeah, it's outbound.  It's
moving fast! Think you can stop

Con1:  "Target 5-4-4-3-4, 5-4-4-3-4.
10,000 feet(?) MSL."

Op2?:  "Not moving that... fast." [simultaneous talking with controller]

Op2?:  "Start moving ?????" [simul.
talking with controller.]

Op2:  "Even when it was coming inbound it wasn't going that fast."

Op1:  "Oh well, let's go find C-4 (?)
... I want that one."
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